Social Secuirty Disability

Social Security Disability is a system that Daniel and all working Americans pay into. The concept is simple. You are injured to a disabled state resulting in your inability to be gainfully employed. You are helped financially to continue living. With a traumatic brain injury; however, the path to be qualified is flawed to a level of complete incompetence. To this date, Daniel has not been approved for SSDI. He has been through the first court hearing related to his injury.

When Daniel was confined to the hospital and rehab, it was clear and obvious Daniel could not actively work to any extent during this time. The Social Security judge could have approved Daniel's benefits for a start and end date or completely; however, the judge chose to outright deny the claim all together.

The one aspect of Social Security Disability that was clearly ignored from start to finish is with their own qualification which reads, "Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year." That one year for Daniel was easily the hospital and rehab period. If you compare the effects from the injury, both during recovery and long standing, Daniel has clearly met their qualifications. While Daniel's personal doctors believe he should be qualified for SSDI, the larger impact of failure implied here is the judge's blatant act of ignoring the year+ of treatment as the inability to work because of this injury.

Daniel is seeking politicians to address these issues and to work on making Moderate/Severe Traumatic Brain Injury an automatic qualifier within the SSDI system even if the auto-qualifier has a limit before review. It is well known within the medical community the length of time individuals whom suffer this injury will be in the recovery stage where the effects will impact their ability to be a valid employee. Daniel is not seeking these changes believing it will help him, but his intent is to prevent others in the future who have these severe head injuries from having to go through this disastrous system. If it was not for Worker's Compensation, Daniel would have had ZERO income and not have been unable to afford food, a home, and medical treatment.